FAQ Mowing

FAQ Mowing

Q: Why don’t you mow my grass shorter?

A common question we receive is about grass cutting height for the health of the grass area, it should not be mowed any shorter than 3 inches.  We adjust the height throughout the season between 3″ (during aggressive growth periods– Spring and Fall) and 3.5″ (during less aggressive growth periods–Summer). Customer ask if we can change the mowing height for their property. The answer is no. Our machine actually have to be taken apart in order to change the mowing height. This is not possible in the field. 


 Q: Can I just call-in to schedule a mowing service wherever it’s needed?

At CLIP Lawn Care, we strive for reliable scheduling. We would prefer that all customers sign up for weekly mowing. This allows us to keep up on the growth of grass while maintaining a regular and reliable schedule for our customers. In the summer and fall when the grass isn’t growing as fast we do still cut weekly simply because we don’t lower the blades to compensate for the slower growth therefore we may only be trimming the tips of the grass which is actually very good for the growth of the grass. Also cutting the grass on a regular mowing schedule also helps control the growth the weeds and can help prevent disease and fungi in the lawn.

However, we understand that not everyone wants weekly mowing. We do not offer biweekly mowing but we do offer as needed mowing. This is at a higher rate but it allow you to control the week we come to mow. With as needed mowing you contact us the week you want a mow and we will come out.