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Q: Is CLIP Lawn Care Properly Licensed and Insured?

Yes, we are glad you asked! Obtaining the proper licenses and insurance is of particular importance in this industry because it enables us to protect our customers from potential liability.

For example, an employee might get hurt on a property and decide to press charges against the homeowner. If the company is not insured, the person can sue and win in court. Our policies are in place to protect you should any unforeseen circumstances arise. They are an integral part of our company mission.

Q: Why might it be better to have the same company do all my lawn maintenance services?

CLIP Lawn Care provides a range of services from lawn mowing, landscaping, lawn renovation projects, as well as fertilizer and weed control. Let us take care of all of your services, so you never have to worry about whether or not two services will be scheduled simultaneously, or if the continuity of the services performed will remain the same from one season to the next.

Also, be sure to ask us about our “Mow it And Make it Green” discount program for combining several of our services.

Q: Are your crew members working here legally? 

We are glad you asked. Yes, all of our workers are here with the proper permits and work visas necessary for employment. At CLIP Lawn Care, we value both our workers and our customers, and this is reflected in our diligence to abide by legal regulations.

Additionally, if you are ever concerned that you are not able to communicate with the crew due to a language barrier, please give the office a call at (800) 774-2547. We will address the concern directly, as well as add any instructions to your account for further services. Each crew member also has a cell phone with them, and they are able to contact the general manager directly if translation is needed.

Q: What areas does CLIP Lawn Care service?

We service most of upper Montgomery County and most Frederick County.

 Q: What are your average prices for lawn care?

Average price for a typical single family home is $25-35 per visit for lawn mowing and $50 per visit for lawn treatments.

Q: How does CLIP Lawn Care bill?

Bills are sent out around the 25th of the month. We email the bills.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  You may pay online here or call in with a credit card payment or send a check.

Q: What are your office hours?

In season (April – October): 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Off-season (December – February): 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Q: Why do I need a professional lawn care company?

The biggest reason is time. Our motto is to take back your weekends. We know that you don’t want to spend your days off work mowing the lawn or laying mulch so let us do it for you! The second reason is we have access to top quality machines, chemicals, and knowledge. Yes you can go to Home Depot and buy a mower and spend 30 min every week mowing your lawn. Or you can hire us and we can take our machines and have your lawn looking great in about 15 min. Additionally you can go to Home Depot and buy weed control and/or fertilizer. If you do, do you really know what your buying? Do you know how much should be applied per square foot on your lawn? We do, and we have the equipment to make sure the application rate is correct and the chemicals are spread evenly on your lawn for the best results (not to mention less runoff into the bay!). Also we have the knowledge to see an issue with your lawn and identify it, or if you see the issue we can identify it and recommend a plan of action. Basically hiring a professional makes your life easier. Its not different then hiring a repair man to fix something, you may be able to take the appliance apart and fix it but who has the time to mess with that when you can call someone out that can fix it quick!.