FAQ Cleanups and Curb Appeal

Cleanups and Curb Appeal FAQ


Q: Will landscaping improve the “curb appeal” of my property?

Absolutely! Highlighting the external appearance of a property, especially with landscaping, will help improve the overall appearance of your home. It will not just make it more attractive to potential buyers or renters–it can enhance the property value by thousands of dollars.

We are able to help give you guidance and options with a “Curb Appeal Cleanup”. If you’d like more information, We’d be happy to give you an estimate, just let us know by clicking here.

Q: What is a pre-emergent application?

Pre-emergent applications are put down under the mulch to prevent weeds from germinating and coming up through the soil. Please remember that all weed treatments whether for the garden beds or lawn are a method of control not elimination. This treatment will prevent seed germination under the mulch but anything that has already germinated will not be affected. Also seeds that are transports in the air and land on the mulch will not be affected. This service is best used in conjunction with our Follow-up Weeding or Total Landscape Program (TLC).