Updated Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Auto-Renewal: This agreement will renew each year automatically. The services that auto renew are mowing, fertilizer/weed control, and insect and grub control only. If you are set up for automatic payments, we will continue billing with that method as long as the agreement remains active.  If you would like to cancel you must submit your request to cancel in writing via mail or email.
  2. Mowing services includes mowing, trimming and blowing off driveway and sidewalks as needed.  Bagging/Collecting clippings not included or offered.
  3. 2 business days’ notice is required to suspend or skip service.  (If you request to skip service and we find the lawn to be overgrown on our next visit there will be a surcharge.) If 2 business days’ notice is not provided a fee may be incurred.
  4. A late fee of ten percent (10%) or $10 per month, may be applied to any past-due balance owed.  Any collection related fees will be charged to you. Late or non-payment will not be tolerated and may result in terminated services.
  5. Prices subject to change with 30 day written notice.
  6. All invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT and will be sent to collections when the invoice reaches 90 day past due.
  7. Our crews are very honest and reliable. They try to let us know of any damage the moment it occurs.  Our intent is to let you know what happened and how we intend to remedy the situation.  There will be times, however, when the crew is unaware of damage so in the event the crew did not notice something and you do please contact us immediately. Damage reported in a surplus of one month after it occurs will only be covered by the company at our discretion.

“Just Mow it” Customers:

  1. 2 skips are allowed per season. For additional skips, there will be a 30% surcharge on the next lawn mowing after the skip.
  2. 2 business days’ notice in writing via email or mail is required to cancel service.
  3. If you are on the Just Mow It plan, we will continue mowing into the fall until the grass stops growing (according to our discretion).  If you would like to suspend service earlier, please notify us.

“Make it Green” Customers:

  1. Aeration and overseeding services do not auto renew. You must request this service each year.
  2. Applications are performed in a monthly time period. This mean that we cannot say the exact day or week that an application will be performed.
  3. If you have signed up mid-season please note that your agreement will auto renew each year to 6 treatments from April to October.

“Mow it and Make it Green” Customers:

  1. Each year your services will renew as follows: 7 monthly installments, 28 weekly mowing visits, 6 fertilizer/weed control treatments, and 1 fall aeration and overseeding service. Insect and grub control services will also auto renew if signed up for the previous year.
  2. For customers that signed up mid-season- when your agreement auto renews for the following season your services will default to: 7 monthly installments of the amount shown on your agreement, 28 mowing visits, 6 fertilizer/weed control treatments, and insect and grub control applications if signed up for on this agreement.
  3. For customers on the “Mow it and Make it Green” plan, you may request to skip service with 2 business day notice, but we may not complete the contracted visits by the end of the season.  You will still be responsible for the entire contracted amount.
  4. Monthly agreements may only be cancelled with 30 days written notice.  If you cancel, your discount will be forfeited and you will be required to pay the difference for all services done to date.  Without 30 days written notice to cancel, there will be no refunds on the Mow it and Make it Green monthly installment plan.
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