Summer Services

Summer Services


Right now we are offering early registration for these services as we have a limited number of sign-ups available.


Top Dressing: This services is the application of compost to the entire lawn. The service is certified organic and will add a layer of compost to the lawn and is intended to rejuvenate the lawn by adding key nutrients back into the soil. 90% of residential lawns do not contain anything close to the ideal amount of organic matter in their soil. This service will help bring some of that back. The best part: it’s very affordable!

pH Testing: Previously we have always required a soil test ($50) in order to see the pH of your soil to see if a lime application was needed. Well not anymore! We are now able to read soil pH’s right at the property and then make recommendations to you about whether or not lime application(s) are needed. pH testing is $15 after the test is performed we will contact you with the costs of lime application(s) if they are needed.

Flea and Tick Control: This brand new service is 100% certified organic so it is completely safe for kids and pets. The product is made from cedar oil so it does have a smell (but it smells like cedar!). We are offering 1-4 application in which you can choose how many applications you would like.

Summer Lawn Help with Kelp Application: Kelp is a 100% certified organic product that is used to help your lawn deal with stresses. Kelp will not only reduce the impact of summer stress on turf, it will continue to build a healthy lawn. We are offering 1-3 application in which you can choose how many applications you would like.

De-thatching: De-thatching is the removal of some of the thatch from the lawn. Thatch is a build up of leaves, roots, and other organic matter which is wound tightly among the grass. While some thatch is good to much thatch can create a habitat for insects that can destroy a lawn and prevent water and other nutrients from getting into the soil. This service will remove excess thatch from the lawn giving the grass room to grow and breathe. Think of this service like bushing out the hair they are shedding. If you don’t every brush your dog more than likely it will get matted and messy. But when you brush them out and get all that dead hair out their coat will look so much better. Although this service is very labor intensive it doesn’t really need to be completed every year.



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