CLIP Lawn Care provides a wide variety of lawn services–all designed to improve the health and appearance of your lawn, plants, and garden beds.

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Mowing – Mow, trim, and blow.

Average price -$25-30 per visit/weekly.

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Lawn Treatment (Fertilization and Weed Control) 

Our program is made up of 6 applications and offers add-on to make your lawn look green and lush!

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Insect and Grub Control Application (provided as an add-on to the fertilizer program)

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Spring/Summer/Fall Cleanup – “Make it Look Great!” – Typical Spring and Fall Cleanup for residential clients includes:

  • Remove leaves and trash from garden beds.                                                                                          03-IMG_20130427_115328
  • Trim shrubs.
  • Remove weeds from all garden beds.
  • Re-edge all beds.
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control (optional add-on).
  • Lay fresh mulch.

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Bush Trimming – Trim prune bushes/shrubs and small trees on a regular or as needed basis.

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Leaf Removal – On a regular basis or as needed.

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Newly Established Tall Fescue 1075-0007


Seeding and Aeration – Core aeration to relieve compacted soil and overseeding.

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Lime Application- A soil test can determine whether or not a Lime Application is need.

Lime Applications are used if the pH of the soil is too low.The optimum pH level is within 6.0-7.5.

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Other Services – Upon customer request we also provide the following services.

  • Flower service/Seasonal Color
  • Sod Installation
  • Shrub Care
  • Weeding
  • TLC Program (installment program for seasonal weeding, bush trimming, and late fall pruning)

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If there are other services you are in need of please contact us and ask. If it’s not a service we provide we may be able to provide a recommendation.