Lawn Treatments

Fertilizer/Weed Control Applications

Here at CLIP Lawn Care we offer a variety of lawn maintenance services including lawn treatments. Our Lawn treatments program consists of 6 applications that are listed below. You can request pricing for this service through the form at the end of this page.

Lawn Treatments Program (6 Applications)

Early Spring Application: Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control and Spring Fertilizer (Granular)

Late Spring Application: Blanket Application Post-Emergent Weed Control (Liquid)

Early Summer Application: Early Summer Fertilizer (Granular) and Spot Application Weed Control as Needed

Late Summer Application: Late Summer Fertilizer (Granular) and Spot Application Weed Control as Needed

Fall Application: Fall Fertilizer (Granular) and Spot Application Weed Control as Needed

Winterizer Application: Winterizer Fertilizer (Granular) that will help keep the lawn greener longer into the winter.


New customers please note that if you start a program and have a lot of weeds in your lawn then you will have brown patches in your lawn as the weeds die. If this happens you will need a lawn renovation (lying of top soil and seed) in the fall. Please contact us at that time for an estimate.


We also offer our Make it Green Program. This includes the 6 lawn treatments, fall aeration and overseeding, and insect and grub control.

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